Greenland. Day 27: Ice Ice Baby.

Small icebergs have started appearing. I'm not sure anyone else can see them. They wait there, smug, owning the water, gathering strength even as they fade. There's a sweet, turquoise light around their base, the reflection of their underside, of their hidden depths. My eyes keep jumping from one too-white shard to the other. There were only four a minute ago, surely?  Well there are five now...

One is curved, smooth, the shape of an old man's cap. A second swirls and twists like an angry serpent. A third is jagged, harsh, spiky, dental. Another - it reminds me of the Queen's profile on stamps - has (I'm sure) been edging its way towards me. And one - there's always one - just ignores me, stays indefinable, hiding behind the others, biding its time. 

The too-early air jabs my ears. I'm leaving tomorrow. A huge raven sits and screams from the top of a lamppost. A child laughs. I turn to go inside again and there's a crack, a split, a shuddering behind me. 

There are six now.